contra mundum

once we watched a lazy world go by
now the days seem to fly
life is brief, but when it’s gone
love goes on and on

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You win some, you lose some


Portugal defeated Ghana 2-1, but it wasn’t enough to send them through to the knockout round (Team USA, on the other hand, advanced on their coattails.)

Faced with such a paradox, Ronaldo clearly didn’t know whether to be happy about the win or depressed about the greater overall loss. The conflict played out on his face, which was graced with half of his signature smirk, and half of his signature sneer.


He’s like the Draco Malfoy of football.



Ok fine, we admit it. This is cute. Don’t make us say it again.

(Photos:  Marcio Jose Sanchez/AP, Stuart Franklin/FIFA via Getty Images. H/T Lilah Raptopolous)


my bf knows how to sail and stuff so we were going to fuck on a boat so when we sailed out to somewhere isolated we started making out pretty intensely and i kissed his neck and earlobe and whispered “aye aye captain” and he said “i can’t hear you” so i said it again and then he fucking went “oooooooooooooh” and started singing the fucking spongebob theme song i wanted to kill him

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